Our Promise to You

Why are we so passionate about human intellect?

People are Important

We admire diversity, desire to see individuals for who they are, and hear the stories that shape their lives

Aligns with Neuroscience

We've explored a lot of ways to understand people, and human intellect is the only one so far that aligns with the latest neuroscience breakthroughs

Personal Experience

Observing intellectual diversity has dramatically impacted our personal relationships and professional pursuits

Relationship Tension

Finding the source of what's agitating your relationship

Get Off the Roller Coaster

Taking Care of Yourself

Here's how we think about our needs so that we can live into life expansion

The Pyramid

A Fresh Look at Emotions

Yes, emotions are messy, but they are also an important component for us to communicate within relationships

Emotional Advantage

Emotional Health & The Pandemic

Beyond the physical threats from the COVID virus, experts are watching alarming trends around emotional health

Personal Implications

Applying Intellectual Diversity

Our three favorite ways to apply this knowledge is investing in connected relationships, smart collaboration, and winning teams

You Choose


This awareness is powerful, and you have a responsibility to use it with grace and compassion

Be Safe

Coaching Intellectual Diversity

We originally were referred to this technology because of our coaching.  We were told our ability to coach would be greatly enhanced if we could see intellectual diversity. Here is more information for you to learn more about what it takes to integrate this technology into your practice.

The Network

Historical Context

We've taken a closer look at psychology's attempt to make sense of humans over the past one hundred years, focusing mostly on the neuroscience breakthroughs that the functional MRI brought us

An Innovative Era

Making Sense of Psychometrics

The internet made it easy for behavioral psychologists to distribute assessments that probe various human traits

Quick Summary

Reading that inspires our work

We've cataloged the most influential books that have tapped into human intellect and shaped how we see people

Book Lovers

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