Get Scanned

Your relationship meets a critical human need

When it is working, it makes you feel safe, connected, and excited to expand your life. You feel significant to each other, invested, and known.

Every relationship trips the "check engine light" telling you something is wrong. You may ignore it for a while, but eventually seek advice from others to fix it.

We are here to help

We'll diagnose the situation. The Intellect Scan tells us how each of you are wired, and then we'll ask questions to get to the biggest challenge in your relationship.

The diagnosis will point to either...

Stress - External pressure will cripple the strongest relationships

Blockage - Miscommunication, resentment, trust violations, unsafe behavior, and unresolved conflict will choke your connection

Trauma - Cracks in the foundation are undermining your efforts to keep the relationship standing

Many relationships throw the "check engine light" during a life transition. Relationships are living things just like you. They grow and evolve. The old us worked for a season, but now a new us seeks to emerge.

Reach out to Sara ([email protected]) to determine if it's time to get a professional diagnosis and set you down a path to repair