Get Scanned

Your relationship meets a critical human need

When it is working, it makes you feel safe, connected, and excited to expand your life. You feel significant to each other, invested, and known.

Every relationship trips the "check engine light" telling you something is wrong. You may ignore it for a while, but eventually will need to fix it.

Are one of these components missing in your relationship

Passion? Intimacy? Unity?

Your Intellectual Diversity Defines Your Relationship

We'll diagnose the situation. The Intellect Scan enables us to ask meaningful questions and quickly get to opportunities for you to deepen connection.

The scan's three-dimensionality and our diagnosis will point to...

Stress - Exposing the nuances of stress for your intellectual diversity (i.e. go-to protective emotions, anger style, stress role)

Blockage - Miscommunication, resentment, trust violations, unsafe behavior, and unresolved conflict will choke your connection

Trauma - Cracks in the foundation are undermining your efforts to keep the relationship standing

Many relationships throw the "check engine light" during a life transition. Relationships are living things just like you. They grow and evolve. The old us worked for a season, but now a new us seeks to emerge.

Reach out to Sara ([email protected]) to determine if it's time to get a professional diagnosis and set you down a path to repair

Ask Us Anything

Your questions determine your next steps as we work together to help you meet your relationship needs

Get Scanned

$300 person

For the self-service couple who wants answers to WHY each person does what they do

  • Intellect Scan for 1 person

His Hers Ours

$300 couple

Overlaying your relationship with the scan gives us a strong instinct to what's going on

  • 1hr session exploring HIM in relationship¬†
  • 1hr session exploring HER in relationship
  • 1hr session exploring¬†the two¬†of you in relationship



Digging into what has you stuck: stress, connection blockers, and/or wounds

  • 3 initial sessions

+purchase additional sessions as needed


New Us


For the couple ready to transition into "New Us"

Stories. Strategies. Conversations.
Burying "old us" so that a "new us" can emerge

  • The good and bad of¬†your relationship's intellectual diversity, focused on what is possible for a New Us
  • Personalized conversation starters to¬†seek understanding about¬†each other's¬†experiences

Growing Together


Monthly sessions to reinforce the New Us behaviors

  • 12 sessions to check in, deepen connection, and build a solid foundation under New Us