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A Historical Context to Human Intellect

We have gone deep into the history of philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience to understand the various attempts to describe humans.

Origins -- Attempts to understand people have almost always been driven by behavioral observations

Biology/Nature -- Ancient attempts were more philosophical and described people by biological factors

Environmental/Nurture -- Modern attempts came as Sigmund Freud and other social scientists sought environmental explanations as to why people behaved the way they did

Developmental -- Erik Erikson wondered if behaviors somehow mapped to a human life cycle (Dependent --> Independent --> Expression --> Success --> Relationship --> Expansion --> Identity --> Meaning)

Introverted vs Extroverted -- Carl Yung was the first to label more internal behavior patterns as "introverted" and more external behavior patterns as "extroverted"


Personality Types to Traits -- Since no one could agree on a personality style model, psychologists gravitated to measuring personality traits, which is the predominant approach today

First Impressions -- Psychologists noted that first impressions are powerful and tend to be the filter through which subsequent behaviors are interpreted.  This reinforces why the exploration of personality was fixated on behavioral patterns.



Intellect -- Marcus Harwood knew something was missing with existing personality models because they didn't explain why he was different from others in the business world.  He sought out an explanation and created the first multi-dimensional intellect model.


Neuroscience -- The invention of the fMRI showed the hard science of the human brain.  For the first time, we could study the interactions of the emotional and logical dimensions and how each drove behavior patterns.  This affirmed Harwood's multi-dimensional intellect model.

Emotional Intelligence -- Daniel Goleman catalogued initial studies using the fMRI to help the business world see the impacts on how we recruit, develop, and retain workers.

Intellect Scan Technology -- This is the most precise and complete technology available to measure human traits across the cognitive, motivational, and behavioral dimensions.  With these 13 traits + intellect determination, for the first time we can understand humans beyond their behavioral patterns.