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Emotional Health & The Pandemic



  • Relationships are failing at increasing numbers
  • Workers are leaving their job in what some labeled The Great Resignation
  • Therapist schedules are booked more than ever before


The global health crisis is more than the physical threats from the COVID virus. Trends are increasingly revealing an emotional health challenge that will likely have a bigger impact. Gallup shows anger, stress, worry and sadness have been on the rise for the past decade and all reached record highs in 2020.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that 41.5% of U.S. adults exhibited symptoms of anxiety or depression in early 2021.

Anxiety and depression manifest in very different ways than physical illness. And while these debilitate the individual, anxiety and depression also affect families, teams, schools, and other social networks.

Anxiety and depression can destroy ideas, energy, and eventually the economy -- and especially small businesses, which is where almost half are employed. Yet these aren't taken as seriously as physical wellbeing because we have a more robust medical system that we can turn to when we are sick. Emotional wellbeing remains a blind spot compared with physical wellbeing.


Why is emotional wellbeing a growing threat?

Sheltering in place; fear of job loss; death; kids' learning is set back while also cut off from friends; dramatic changes in how and where adults work -- and the big one, unimaginable anxiety from not knowing what comes next -- all of these create a health crisis more serious than the virus.


Optimism & Opportunity

Routines to eat healthy, exercise, and sleep are lifting up millions in physical wellness. Now is an opportunity to do the same for emotional wellness.

Since the pandemic started, we are excited for what some have done with the Intellect Scan and supporting resources to nurture their emotional wellness. This directly impacted the health of relationships and workplace collaboration.

Consider taking time to slow down and get off the treadmill. Going inward to understand your intellectual diversity and ways to nurture your emotional wellbeing will have long-term benefits to your inner peace, personal relationships, and professional pursuits.