How can I use the Intellect Scan to serve people?


We keep getting asked this question, and we love it. There is so much opportunity, and we enjoy hearing what people want to do with the technology.

But let's step back first and put this into perspective...

During our lifetime, 3 BILLION new jobs have been created that did not exist when Lawrence was born in 1972 or Sara was born in 1979. These jobs didn't exist because there wasn't a need for them. But as innovation changes our lives, people have new needs. Some of these needs are met by paid professionals, and some are met by volunteers.

Our economy has always worked this way, and it always will. So as innovative practitioners step in to meet these new needs (especially in context of the pandemic), they are looking for something that didn't exist before.

Enter the Intellect Scan.

OND's Intellect Scan technology measures 13 cognitive, motivational, and behavioral traits 


Disruptive Technology

When Google launched two decades ago, it looked like magic. But it worked and their search technology disrupted the way we look for information (and became a verb).

Uber made taxis look archaic a decade ago. Their smartphone technology disrupted the way we hired a ride (and became a verb).

Today, OND's Intellect Scan disrupts the way we serve people because of neuroscience breakthroughs.

The "Innovators" 

Here are some of the professionals who have expressed interest in OND's scanning technology

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Coming alongside a person during a growth period in their life

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Bringing expertise to a business with project-based deliverables

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Helping navigate emotional hurts

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Offering options to people who are stuck

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Working with grief and trauma

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Advising students on a degree that aligns with professional aspirations

Areas of Interest

Here are some of the ways the Intellect Scan has served people

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Relieving stress that traps people

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Developing stories that convey your value during an interview

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Org Dev

Building team capacity in support of an organization's strategic objectives

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Helping people find their natural leadership style to increase influence

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Public Speaking

Building skills and finding your voice that aligns with your innate personality

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Maintaining safety around children as they transition into adulthood

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Connecting people on common ground while also learning to navigating their differences

Over and over, when someone reaches out to us, we find the Intellect Scan technology is relevant to them. We have no doubt there are more creative ways to use it to serve people. So we want to bring others together around this innovation.

Why a network?

We are creating a practitioner network because we believe it is the best way to connect interested people to the technology. It's a decentralized approach that can organically grow. Amplifying the impact of this work is most important to us.

We’re not interested in selling training or certification. This network is simply a place to plug in and leverage intellectual diversity to serve the people around you. 

How does someone plug in?

If you are a paid practitioner, you can use the Intellect Scan as you provide your services to your clients. When your client completes the scan, then we'll analyze the results in context of your practice and deliver a strategies deck to support your service to your client. You will have a page to help you organize these strategy decks.

If you have a heart to voluntarily serve people, then you can also join the Network. The people you serve still need to pay for the scan, but you can donate your time to them.

It takes proficiency to comfortably use intellectual diversity. Most people get there with about 20 hours of focused effort, including reviewing the resources and delivering services in context of the scan.

If you want to work with us, we will review your first few clients as you work toward proficiency. One you develop proficiency, then you won't need us day-to-day. But if you come across something unusual, then we are here to support you.

We recognize most people are satisfied with proficiency, while some will want to achieve mastery. It usually takes a sustained multi-year commitment of 10,000 hours to reach mastery. If you are this kind of person, then we'll work with you to get there.

Anyone can go to the website, get a self-service scan for $300, and do with it as they wish. But if you want to work with us in service of others, then you can order the strategy decks through your page and will be invoiced $400/person to cover our time in supporting your practice.

So what do I do next?

We'd love to meet you. Reach out to [email protected] and she'll answer your questions about the network. If you think this is a place for you, then get scanned and learn more about the technology and resources.

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We were skeptical too

We are convinced we cannot convince anyone of anything, so your skepticism is welcomed. We aren’t here to work with everyone. Challenge the scan, and walk away unless you agree with us that there’s nothing else like it in the marketplace.

If you are passionate about what you do, and you won’t settle for ordinary, then we want to work with you. We invest ourselves in our practice...and we don't settle for average in return.

We will not do our work without the Intellect Scan technology because what we’ve found is remarkable. And we're sharing it with you because no one can own an idea. No one can hoard knowledge. The world needs more people willing to step in and meet the emerging needs of this era.